Beekeeping Suit Apiarist Beekeeping Jacket with Sheepskin Gloves & Ventilated Fencing Veil Hood Professional Beekeeper Suit Outfit Total Protection for Backyard Professional and Beginner Beekeepers

Large - 71.6" from top of hood to bottom of ankle,recommended to fit someone up to about 5'-5'6"

New - Excellent Condition

Curbside Pickup Available

This multi-purpose full body beekeeping suit is a necessity set of protective garments enhancing your beekeeping experience for any apiary enthusiast,beekeepers,also widely used for gardening industry,protect your from roses and other thorny shrubs,suitable for thorny bushes\cacti ose pruning landscaping work!The veil is detachable.

Detachable:Zipper design and velcro seals for ease of taking on and off

Self-Supporting:Collapsible veil hood contains wires that support and maintain its shape

Non-Flammable:Protect your face from stings and flash flames from your smoker

Ultra Visibility&Ventilate:Patented black veil ensures the wide field of vision,making it easier for you to work.The mesh has tiny holes,that even the smallest of stinging insects can’t get through,but are large enough to allow for ample air to gently flow through the suit,keeping you fresh.

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Beekeeping Suit and Gloves - Large