MEETWARM 24 Inch Convex Security Mirror Curved Safety Mirror with Adjustable Fixing Bracket for Indoor Outdoor, Office Warehouse Driveway Garage Store

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EXTENDS A FIELD OF VIEW – The premium convex mirror provides a very clear view by reflecting a wide angle image. The 24" large circular security mirror is perfect for blind corners and can increase your safety.

MORE SAFETY – The convex security mirror helps you to see around obstacles and view any blind spot. Use it as a parking assistance in your driveway or as a garage mirror. You also use it at confusing street corners, traffic, loading docks and so on.

EFFICIENT MONITORING –The curved mirror can monitor a wider area for efficient surveillance in your office or store and extend your field of view. Use it to monitor factory workers and automated processes to improve quality control and productivity.

HIGH QUALITY SAFETY MIRROR – The round security mirror is made of weather-resistant acrylic against frost, heat, high winds and sun light for indoor and outdoor use. Made from lightweight shatterproof, scratch resistant, strong acrylic, which reflects a clear, bright image. Embedded assemble way to make sure the mirror will not fall off.

EASY TO INSTALL AND ADJUST – Come with an adjustable ball and socket joint that makes the mirror angle adjustable after installation. Supplied with wall mount fixing bracket and screws for hard solid surfaces or wood wall.

Installation Instructions:

The Convex Security Mirror can be used in various places:

Mark and drill 4x holes using a drill bit.

Insert the 4 heavy-duty dowels (or screws),if necessary use a hammer.

To attach the wall mount bracket: unscrew nuts and washers; align the bracket holes to the screws.

Tighten the nuts and washers to secure the bracket.

Box includes:

1 x 24-inch Acrylic Convex Security Mirror

1 x Bracket

4 x heavy-duty dowels

4 x Plastic expansion plugs and screws.

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Convex 24" Security Mirror Curved