Milton’s Bells Driveway 300' Signal Bell Ringer Tubing, for Drive-Thru Businesses, and Residential Alarms, Automotive Service Stations, and Curbside Customer Service

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Reliability & Range: 3/8" ID (inside diameter) 5/8” OD (Outside Diameter) rubber signal hose, 300-ft. UV and oil-resistant.

Wide Range of Use: Perfect for use at drive-thru, curbside customer service, contactless customer service, drop-off and pick-up, gate operators, gas stations, body shops, alarm notifications, and all other heavy vehicle traffic areas where someone needs to be alerted.

Easy to install: This signal hose provides you 300-ft of hose which can be set up to any bell and chime kits in minutes. Simply connect one end of hose to your Milton’s Bell kit and place the other end across the driveway. Each time a vehicle crosses the driveway tubing a signal will be sent to the receiver alerting you that a new customer has arrived.

Built to last: Our signal hose is constructed from high tolerance material which can withstand conditions typically encountered at service station environments such as: gasoline, oil, gravel, and tire traffic, etc.

Inventory #: S223145

Milton’s Bells Driveway 300' Signal Bell Ringer Tubing