Sinkology SP501-15AG-AMZ-TP Greco Dual Mount Bar Sink with Pop Up Drain

Armor Kitchen Sink

15 x 15 x 6.5 - Aged Copper

New In Box -Excellent Condition!

Original Price: $219.00

Now: $90.00

Curbside Pickup Available

Kit includes : Greco Copper Sink, Pop Up Drain, Two Bottles of Copper Armor Protector

Handmade from 18 Gauge Pure Solid Copper

Proprietary and Durable Aged Copper Finish

Dual-Flex rim makes installation easy, can be undermounted or dropped in

Naturally easy to maintain, occasionally coat with Copper Armor model # SARMOR-101

Inventory #: S221535


Sinkology Bar Sink - Aged Copper with Drain